Sunday, May 13, 2007

update's up

well, it has been awhile.
had my ups and downs.

my uncle passed away 2 weeks ago. it was totally unexpected. he was only 44 y.o. collapsed at work. died about an hour later. it was really sad seeing his wife and 2 young kids. and my grandma. he was the man of the house. we could count on having him around to look after her. i couldnt help crying when they left with his body to the cemetery.

my sis gave birth to her 2nd child. amirah is now a big sister. i now have a nephew- aliff.

been accepted for masters. scary scary. 4 scary years ahead of me there. god, give me strength.

caught f1. one funny thing my fren lo said: i'm getting too old for this.
and yet, apart from taking pictures of the cars during the race, we also took a few pictures of these cute guys we saw there (and literally chased after, like a pair of boy-crazy teenage girls-hee).

went down to desaru for a short weekend getaway.
courses, cpr, courses..

umm..what else, what else?

gosh...felt like i've been very busy in the past few months, but cant seem to recall evrything.
o well.
that's about it for now.