Sunday, July 29, 2007

hp and the dh-spoiler alert!(just a lil teeny bit)

finally.. finished reading harry potter and the deathly hallows. my brother got the book the day it was released, as an early bday present. my sis texted from bintulu the next day and warned me not to read the sunday paper, or at least the review in the paper about the book cuz apparently they mentioned evrything including who died and didnt..all without a spoiler alert! and so i managed to stay away from any kind of spoiler while i was finishing the book (altho one friend did blurt out-harry didnt die la, when she saw me reading at work-ugh!). took me awhile to finish the book, what with work and studying and all. erm..ahh..ok, so i did skip the studying part, but hush, dont tell.
the ending was predictable, but the story leading to it really werent, so i loved that!
and i was right about snape!-and altho i'd usually hate that, but the events leading to the truth about him were still great that it was totally okay. hehe.
overall i thought it was a good book. being the last book in the series, it sorta wrapped up evrything quite nicely, and there were quite a number of times when references were made to the other earlier books, as flashbacks, or when explaining a clue, or a place was mentioned that was visited in a previous book, etc. i noticed there were very few new characters/magical creatures/spells. and since most arent new, often times they werent described further in detail-cuz they've all been described in the previous books. great for already-fans i guess, but not to those who're just joining and starting with this book (but i guess that's one great way to get people reading (and buying) the rest of the books. $ker-ching$).
i think one of the main things that made me stick with the series is the magic. it just intrigues me that jk rowling can come up with such a variety of characters, creatures, spells, etc. (of course i love tolkien..but i gotta admit, i dont really care much about the lengthy poems). so i guess because there's not much "introduction" in this book (as in to new magic/spells/characters), my favs in the series would still have to be the 4th and 5th books(goblet of fire and order of phoenix) which had tons. the first 2 books were also full of them, but they were more "kiddish" than the rest. so ok, this 7th book definitely gets 3rd place then.

n.b: simpsons the movie is out too!-another excuse to skip studying then.heh.

Friday, July 06, 2007

bundles of joy

aliff fahmi - my nephew, at 3 months old, weighs 7.4kg.
i mean, look at him. his cheeks probably weigh 500g each!
he's still breastfeeding exclusively, so nuthin needs to be done yet about his weight gain.
one thing IS unfortunate though, the lil' blubber is now across the sea away from us, so i havent been able to pinch his pinch-able cheeks.

aliff & amirah in dreamland-this was when he was a day old. he looked so different!

god, i miss them!