Wednesday, May 08, 2013

winds of change

no. this is not a political post.

it has been a year since my last entry here, you think i would waste in on politics?
but since we mentioned it, i would just like to mention here that it was my 3rd time voting (made me feel like a veteran) and somehow, this time around, the election day and the days going to it felt really ""festive".
maybe because there were way more voters this time.. with many having to "balik kampung" to vote, plans were made to book leaves or change calls (for those of us having to do oncalls), travel plans (to avoid traffic jams etc).
maybe the indelible ink has got something to do with it too, with evryone making a fuss about how truly/falsely indelible it actually is.. and all the blue (or red) finger tips u see posted by voters on FB and Instagram etc.
(i have to insert this story here too, just heard it from a friend --> apparently quite a number of voters marked the X on the voting papers using the ink on the fingers thinking that was what the ink was for!!!! aha-ha-ha..!!)
i know of some non-voters who actually felt "left behind" this time around because of their blue-less bare fingers on that day.
plus i think the fact that we have FB and Twitter etc now(we had them on the last elections too but they werent utilized as widely and openly as they are today) which makes even the most ignorant and disinterested people (like moi)more aware of what is going on. the atmosphere that day was simply.. i dont know.."electric:? i guess..(no pun intended ;)) with evryone waiting anxiously for the results.. and it did take a ridiculously long time for the results to come out too!

but hey. like i mentioned earlier, this is not a political post.

i mentioned somewhere in my last few postings that 2011 was a blur for me what with the final exams and my mom getting breast cancer and then being transferred back to mlka.

then 2012 came and went.
i  completed my masters (finally!) and have now been transferred further south in JB to serve.
work-wise is the same.. cant expect to not be busy when you are in the medical field, but the are some differences of course. different colleagues, different bosses, different staff, different hospital. different city.

my mom completed her chemo and radiotherapy mid last year and was well for awhile but unfortunately now has a recurrence and needs to do chemo again before we proceed for a mastectomy. we are obviously all bummed about that but she is otherwise still up and about around the house so we are still very thankful.

i got married (yea, okay, you can perhaps say "finally!" here too.. to others it may seem that way but to me i think the word "actually" is probably more in "i actually got married!".. yes i couldnt believe it myself!)
no. it wasnt an arranged marriage.
no. i wasnt drugged/comatose/hypnotized/held at gunpoint.
no. it wasnt the sultan of a certain state as i planned.
yes. i fell in love with another commoner.
yes. i was in love.
and yes. i am still in love.

now, with the change of title to my name (i'm still amused by the realization that i am an actual Puan now when the salespeople address me randomly as that..heee), it is interesting to note the change to people's  reaction to anything that i do or say as well.
when i was single, the feedbacks i get to almost anything is "dah kawen belum" or "bila u nak kawen ni?"
eg. (Me vs P (people))
  1.  Me: Hi.. lamanya tak jumpa!!
          P: Yelah..u nampak sama macam dulu...dah kawen belum? Belum? Bila u nak kawen ni?
  2.  Me: Hi..lama tak jumpa!!
          P: Yelah..u nampak lain sekarang.. still belum kawen? Bila u nak kawen ni?
  3.  P: Happy birthday!
       Me: Thank you!!
       P: Bila u nak kawen ni?
  4. Me: Selamat hari raya!
       P: Selamat hari raya. Bila u nak kawen ni?
  5.  Me: Nice wedding.
       P: Yelah.. bila u punya wedding pulak?"
  6.  P: Hey, the 47 yo singer is finally getting married! Bila u pulak nak kawen ni?
  7.  P: Hey, so&so is getting married-the 3rd time alrdy! Bila u pulak nak kawen ni?
  8.  P: Congrats dah jadi pakar... bila nak kawen pulak ni?"
  9.  P: Wahhh.. dah beli kereta baru... bila nak kawen pulak ni?"
10.  P: Your mom has cancer? So sorry to hear that..bila u nak kawen ni?

you get the picture.
well, now that i am married.. things change.......... or have they?

 1. Me: Lamanya tak jumpa!
     P:   Yelah.. dah ada anak? bila nak pregnant?
 2. P: Happy birthday! Bila nak pregnant?
     Me: Ha-lo..i got married 3 days ago (it's true.. i got married 3 days before my bday)
3.  P: U transferred to JB alrdy? Dah pregnant belum?
4.  P: U look like u've gained weight. Dah pregnant ke?
5.  P: Sedapnya tengok food u makan (posted in FB). Dah pregnant ke?
5.  P: U still drink that much coffee? When u get pregnant u cannot drink anymore haaa..
6.  P: U demam? Pregnant kot...
7.  P: Hey, nice new baju. Are u pregnant?
8.  P: U coming back to KL to vote? Good for u. Dah pregnant belum?
9.  P: U drive JB-KL-JB by yourself? Careful.. mana tau pregnant ke..
10. Your mom's cancer is back? so sorry to hear, are you pregnant yet?


shoutout to all family & friends: belated thanks for coming to the wedding, thanks for all the well wishes, here's a prayer for all of us to always love and be loved, to respect each other, to remain united, to be safe and for happiness always. ameen.