Friday, June 16, 2006

when i grow up...

england playing against trinidad tobago. got last 2 weeks' laundry going in the machine. downloading songs from the net. thinking about work and how depressed i've been in the past few weeks. (yeah, old news--> girls multi-task)
let's see.. when i was in primary school, i had wanted to become a librarian, obviously cuz i love to read and used to frequent the school and public libraries, so 'course i thought what better way to get your collection of books for free than to actually work at a nice big library!
the books also made me list "private investigator" as one of my career possibilities, thanks to nancy drew, the hardy boys, and enid blyton's the famous5. o yeah..and tv's macgyver and magnum p.i. hehe.
and my love for the books, made me start writing my own short stories, some of which i had shared with friends, some i kept for myself and had pictured myself as a writer when i grow up.
then my dad made me go to a science based boarding school... and most kids i knew started listing teachers, lawyers, or doctors as their ambitions. one friend even said she wanted to be an oceanographer!..and i never knew the job..or the word even, existed before, so i told people i wanted to become a scientist instead.
but i also discovered that i really loved dancing..both modern and traditional dances, and i got involved in many dance shows for school and such, and i remember secretly writing in my journal at the time that i wanted to become a dancer!
then school became "serious". there were major exams to sit for..and they didnt just want us to pass u know, but to pass with great excellence. the career options again became doctors, engineers, or accountants.
it was really much later in high school that i tell people i wanted to become a doctor. at the time, i really couldnt picture myself doing anything else.
if i could live parallel lives right now.. i actually see myself as a travel photographer..or a librarian (yup, the childhood ambition still! hehe) or a physiotherapist, or a speech language pathologist..or what the heck.. we're steering more into daydream territory here.. an F1 driver... a lead singer in a band (i cant sing at all i know, i am daydreaming here i said) or even an actress (Hollywood, 'course)...and the list goes on.
*sigh* back to reality now.. laundry's all done... it's the 2nd half of the game now, and still no goal from either team.... and i guess i'll probably continue my job for at least another 10 years or so (got bills to pay, loans to settle, and a girl's definitely gotta to eat ;)).
i can still dance tho.
and crouch just headed a goal for england.