Tuesday, April 19, 2016

baby news

no. i'm not pregnant or having a baby.
i don't mean MY baby news.

eva & ryan. on their 2nd.
blake & ryan. on their 2nd.
megan & brian. on their 3rd. and they are supposedly divorced!
chrissy & john just got one.
and to top it all off, E news was also showing awesome celebrities who got preggers after they turned 40.

so yeah, their baby news.

i put this up as my FB status after i saw the E!news show.
hastagged it maybe i should stop following E news and watch real news instead.
and that maybe i'm jelly. u know, the slang for jealous? (just learned it).

so on to local news.

the maid we hired to help my mom-in-law can't come back to work for us anymore because she is now pregnant.
with twins.


forget the news.

ps: bah? who says bah anymore? that's like from the days of reading Archie.

GAH! I want!!