Wednesday, April 07, 2010

ini ada satu cerita..

once upon a time, there's this girl, err..let's call her rana.
rana works as a..umm...professional..err.. something-lah, doesnt really matter what, let's just say, she's a working professional. when she's not working, she hangs out with her friends, she drives around in her little fiat, she travels whenever she can, and she is for most of the time, fairly happy.
of course, people dont think that rana's happy because, well, rana is single, so how can she be?! she is unmarried, and for the most part of the past year, she has been unattached. she is not seeing anyone special, not even a shrink, so, yeah, she must be sad and depressed as hell.
norom, is one of the many people who thinks this of rana. so norom sets out to find rana a man. she told rana all about her friend, lucky. apparently lucky is a nice man, tall, dark and handsome. he owns a business, which was doing quite well. she told rana that she thinks rana and lucky will definitely make a lovely couple. so rana agreed to meet and get to know this lucky guy. true enough, he seemed nice (rana didnt wanna comment about the "tall, dark, handsome" part when i asked her about that), they mostly talked on the phone, but met only once, due to lucky's busy work schedule.
then one day, about 2 months after she introduced the two, norom pulled rana aside and giddily asked rana about her and lucky. so rana told her that things are going well, and yes, he seems like a nice guy.
norom then asked: so do you like him?
rana: (laughing) well, if i dont, then i wouldnt layan him on the phone until now lah!
norom: dia dah ajak kawin tak?
rana: weh.. no-lah! we're just starting to get to know each other!
norom: ehhh.. kan dah 2 bulan dah, takkan tak cukup kenal kot? kata selalu borak telefon?
rana: no-lah.. we're still friends only la..
norom: hmm..oklah. but you do like him dont you?
rana: (malu2) oklah..*smiles*
norom: oh.. good! i'm so glad. coz i was worried you know, that you would reject him,what with him still being married and all...
rana: *turned to stone for what felt like, an hour maybe, and just stared in disbelief at norom*
in her mind, the question she wanted to scream out to norom at the time was: holysh*tcr*p!!WTF??$$*^%#youthinking>>>;?::#*&F**sh**crazy??!!!.

but somehow, she recovered from her near-seizure, and tried as calmly as she could to ask instead: yeah. about that. why did you introduce us again? coz, you know, knowing he's married and all that.
and norom, being the moron that she is, said: well, he's not happy lah in his marriage. his wife doesnt treat him well, she really doesnt deserve him. he needs somebody that can make him happy. somebody like you, rana!
rana: ...............

-the end-

ps: should we laugh? or cry?

to quit or not to quit.

oh crap.
i'm having those feelings again.
nak quit nak quit nak quit.
warrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. benci.