Tuesday, February 02, 2010

anak-anak michael

caught this year's grammys on tv yesterday morning. there was a tribute to michael jackson, and 2 of his kids, paris and prince, went up to receive the grammy on his behalf. they gave a bit of a speech about their dad.
look at them. so freakin' beautiful!
cant help but wonder what the real deal is with these kids. what's their real story. they went up the stage accompanied by their cousins, kids of the other jacksons. and altho the cousins themselves look every bit like the jacksons, you gotta admit that michael's kids.. well, dont. prince instead look like he can be zac efron's lil brother!
my brother said they look every bit what you'd think michael jackson would want his kids to look like.
anyway, no matter what the real deal is, i hope they continue to grow up to be beautiful, healthy and positive adults.
maybe one of them will write a memoir one day.