Wednesday, June 20, 2007

press my benign buttons, baby

no, it aint a rap song.
my fren mawa and i came across this cheaper version of a barbie doll being sold in a store recently. the name of the doll was weird enuff -benign girl- but look at the description beneath the name: beautiful girl. press any button.
you can see that she comes with batteries and other accessories as well.
a benign, beautiful, battery operated, barbie-lookalike doll with buttons you can press. o what joy it is to have such a doll (?).
mawa n me laughed sooo hard.
where to start?
how and why is she "benign"? what defines a benign girl? in cancer world, benign is usually good. malignant is bad. so which category am i?
mebbe they're not really targeting little girls as major customers then? (we looked around and reconfirmed that we're indeed at the toy section of a family oriented shopping place, and not in an "i need" shop)
button? what button? i can think of a button that till now remains a major mystery to some men (and even women) but i'm not in the mood for a sex education now. besides, physically, she's so anatomically incorrect and disproportionate that i'm sure what i think they mean by button is not what they mean by button.heh.

of course, after the tears from laughing so hard dried in our eyes and we can see properly again, we realized that the batteries must be for the phone that comes with the doll. i mean, the doll's so skinny there's no way she can fit any batteries in her. and the mystery button? i'm sure they mean press any button on the phone. d-uh!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

woe is me..mebbe?

women's final at the french open. henin vs ivanovic. evrybody wants (and believes) henin's gonna win again this year. but i kinda like ivanovic. it'd be great if she wins. she's very pretty too. hee.

ok, so the results are out. i'm out. so that's it. i'm giving up for sure. not trying for it again-ever again! "never give up" you say?.. no.. you should never say never. i believe there are times when it's okay to give up. i should have given up earlier actually. think of all that money i could've saved if i hadnt sat for the exam again and again and again.. i'm talking thousands of ringgit u know. the shoes, the clothes, that car cd player i've been ogling at, that car of mine that seriously needs a makeover... i couldve used all that money to get all that, with extra for savings too! ;)
i'm still disappointed of course, but interestingly, there are no tears this time. bawled like a baby evrytime i found out i failed last time.
so passing exam's not my thing.. i'll just sit for the "free" ones then. at least the "loss" wont feel like a huge one.

looks like ivanovic's losing too. o well. i'll get to go to bed earlier tonite then.

two movies, two books, and good tennis in between

am watching nadal vs djokovic at the french open. going to be nadal's game i'm sure. but that djokovic's so cute sometimes. he kept making these gestures as if saying "wow, nadal's real good on clay, what can i do?" and smirks.
will be missing the men's finals tho. am working sunday.

went to um for the masters orientation last week.
what the hell have i gotten myself into?
i was having palpitations each time one of the profs/lecturers there gave us a pep talk about what lays ahead for us in the coming 4 years.
o boy o boy o boy... soo looking fwd to evrything..NOT!

anyway, so i was back in kl for the orientation, and i went to midavalley 5 times in 4 days! movie, lunch,shopping alone, movie, shopping with mom, and dinner with the gals.
blades of glory was a riot. there were quite a number of laugh-out-loud moments. i enjoyed it.
waris jari hantu was a nice surprise. it wasnt scary at all, but that's not the surprising part, and shuhaimi baba probably didnt intend it to be anyway. it's sorta obviously a shuhaimi baba's movie, but neater and much better than pontianak harum. azean's character was quite funny while rusdi ramli showed his breakthru performance.

and it IS nadal's game!
he's so cute when he smiles.
btw, a great thing to watch in between the main players' matches is the wheelchair tennis. the players are just super awesome.

the only things i got from all those visits to midvalley were books. am still "banning" myself from buying any clothes and shoes. havent bought any new ones since december. am quite proud of myself for that. didnt think i have that sort of discipline in me. anyway, back to the books- i love "running with scissors" by augusten burroughs. i actually saw the movie 1st, and wasnt that impressed by it. but the book's excellent. burrough's a really funny guy with a really messed up, weird, messed up (didnt i just say that?) childhood. you keep forgetting that you're actually reading a memoir.
i'm in the midst of "i am muslim" by local author dina zaman. its a collection of columns that she wrote for, and she describes it as a selfish series of articles while she explores her religion (islam) and people. few of her observations become "eye-openers" for me, while others i have observed myself, at home here in malaysia,and abroad. her opinions are her opinions, but her book made me look at my own self in the mirror, and my own views of islam and muslims. other than the religious views, her experience and mostly funny points about being a 30-sth single malay muslim woman hit home quite often ;)

i also got a another non-fiction-ollie-but havent started on it yet.

it's almost 4am now. still not sleepy, but that's no surprise lah, considering i was so tired coming back from work today and slept from 6 to 10pm just now! hee. but gotta wake up early tomorrow so should still force my butt to bed.