Wednesday, October 20, 2010

call paeds, the placenta is coming!

scene in the operating theater while a friend of mine was standing by with a nurse for a delivery.

RN: by the way doctor, just to let you know, we have another case after this.
MD: ok, what's the case?
MD: ... ?? err... Manual Removal of Placenta??
RN: yes doctor.
MD: ...??? and you want me to standby?
RN: yes doctor.
MD: ..(turning blue from trying not to laugh)... err kak, saya doktor sambut baby, tak sambut placenta!!
RN: oh, ye ke doktor?

Friday, October 08, 2010

Games backs safe sex despite plumbing problems

NEW DELHI (AFP) - – Commonwealth Games chief Mike Fennell said he was happy to see competitors engaging in safe sex at the athletes village even if it caused problems with the plumbing.

Reports claimed that thousands of used condoms had been clogging up the toilets at the village, which is home to 7,000 competitors.

"This shows that athletes are being responsible and are promoting safe sex," said Commonwealth Games Federation president Fennell on Thursday.

The Daily Telegraph reported a condom vending machine had been installed at the village, containing around 4,000 contraceptive packs.