Saturday, March 25, 2006


ok. so i've now decided to blog here instead. used to do it at myspace but ppl have been complaining that it's difficult for them to log in there to read my blogs. anyway, seeing that this is gonna be a sorta honeymoon year for me, no exams nuthin, i'll try and blog more often.
it's already april 2006, but i'm starting a list of things to be done this year.

here are some of them, in random order:
1) buy new camera. my ol one's broken. my sis felt she's somewhat responsible for it, and i won't un-blame her-heheh-but i've had the camera for >2 yrs now, it had served me well, taken hundreds of photos with it, but there're a lotta new cameras in the market now, with better features for less the price (compared to 2 yrs ago), so i'm just glad for an xcuse to buy a new one.
2) buy new phone. this was supposed to be the plan for 2006, but i couldnt wait, and managed to come up with an excuse to buy one in december instead, just a week and a half before 2005 ended. heheh.
3) upgrade car. ok, by upgrade, i mean fixing the bad dent on the side of my kelisa, which has been there for 3 years now, and giving it a good wash, polish, or repainted, and maybe tint the windows, just enuff that other drivers cant see me talking or singing by myself in there, or picking my nose-i've seen this done by other oblivious drivers-and it REALLY looks disgusting ppl!. so far, i've managed to wash her once in january- my car i mean, not nose. i mean, i wash my nose evryday of course. i digress.
4) get a pet. this i've started. got 4 now actually-3 fish (Jac, Jack, Jaq) and a turtle (Azan). actually there were 3 turtles, but 2 (Brad n Angie) died from poor living conditions-i wil not blame myself for their deaths of course-
5) travel more. this is gonna be bit tricky, seeing i've used up ALL my leave days last year, what with the studying, my dad having to have a cardiac bypass done, my sis giving birth, and more studying...only to fail again and again..but that's a bummer of a story. save for next time. anyway, so i'm gonna have to plan my leave carefully this year.
just been to lang tengah recently, had superb time with 2 of most crazy girlfrens (will blog about that). locally, planning to go up north soon for a wedding, so mebbe stop somewhere on the way (any suggestions?)
plan to go bangkok again midyear, and then melbourne later this year. insyaAllah.
6) save up financially. again, no exams this year means more free time, less stress, and less money spent. the exams cost me thousands of precious ringgits last year. i should xplain why, but no need-lah. just take my word it did.
anyway, so far i've made 2 new financial investments. we'll see.
7) lose weight. o-boy. this is a toughie. it's been in my list for 3 yrs now. it's true you know. the older you get, the slower your metabolic rate. so far i'm only able to maintain my weight, but not lose any. of course i watch what i eat. i watch AND i eat. see, that's the problem. heheh. exercise routine is no routine at all for me..haha. o well.
8) watch more movies. um-no, scratch that. no problems there. i do that evry year anyway. it's a necessity.
8) read more.
9) draw more.
10) blog more.
11) less profanities. ok, those of you who've read my blogs in myspace probably know that this is sth i've included in my previous new year resolution list. for obvious reasons, it's still in for this year. it's be nice to have a list of just 10 items, but this being the 11 makes it a bit special..more like a moral value thingy. and it's not just the profanities, that's the least of my problems, believe me.. but i wont elaborate. this just represents a whole list of other personal things about me that i'd like to improve/change. so um, yeah, in general, i am trying to become a better human.

nuff for now.
i'll write in more (i.e. item 10)
welcome me!


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