Friday, June 16, 2006

when i grow up...

england playing against trinidad tobago. got last 2 weeks' laundry going in the machine. downloading songs from the net. thinking about work and how depressed i've been in the past few weeks. (yeah, old news--> girls multi-task)
let's see.. when i was in primary school, i had wanted to become a librarian, obviously cuz i love to read and used to frequent the school and public libraries, so 'course i thought what better way to get your collection of books for free than to actually work at a nice big library!
the books also made me list "private investigator" as one of my career possibilities, thanks to nancy drew, the hardy boys, and enid blyton's the famous5. o yeah..and tv's macgyver and magnum p.i. hehe.
and my love for the books, made me start writing my own short stories, some of which i had shared with friends, some i kept for myself and had pictured myself as a writer when i grow up.
then my dad made me go to a science based boarding school... and most kids i knew started listing teachers, lawyers, or doctors as their ambitions. one friend even said she wanted to be an oceanographer!..and i never knew the job..or the word even, existed before, so i told people i wanted to become a scientist instead.
but i also discovered that i really loved dancing..both modern and traditional dances, and i got involved in many dance shows for school and such, and i remember secretly writing in my journal at the time that i wanted to become a dancer!
then school became "serious". there were major exams to sit for..and they didnt just want us to pass u know, but to pass with great excellence. the career options again became doctors, engineers, or accountants.
it was really much later in high school that i tell people i wanted to become a doctor. at the time, i really couldnt picture myself doing anything else.
if i could live parallel lives right now.. i actually see myself as a travel photographer..or a librarian (yup, the childhood ambition still! hehe) or a physiotherapist, or a speech language pathologist..or what the heck.. we're steering more into daydream territory here.. an F1 driver... a lead singer in a band (i cant sing at all i know, i am daydreaming here i said) or even an actress (Hollywood, 'course)...and the list goes on.
*sigh* back to reality now.. laundry's all done... it's the 2nd half of the game now, and still no goal from either team.... and i guess i'll probably continue my job for at least another 10 years or so (got bills to pay, loans to settle, and a girl's definitely gotta to eat ;)).
i can still dance tho.
and crouch just headed a goal for england.


aku2257 said...

my parallel life is that the world is under attack...and a special organization has been formed thru an amazing race challenge...five members from each country..i'm one of the proud malaysians n chosen as captain..then the captain of the top 10 teams...which malaysia made it of course..were selected as the top commitee members...i'm 3rd in line..behind US and China..

Mignon said...

Speech-language pathologist indeed!

When I was 19, a councillor came to my matrix centre in Pilah dishing out tests that (he claimed) would align our traits, skills and inclinations with the most suitable jobs that match with us. Well, first job listed for me (according to the test of course) was 'Head Nurse' (fancy that!), and second was 'Speech Language Pathologist' ("what the heck is that?" I thought back then).

Little did I know what would happen only 3 years later.