Saturday, February 10, 2007

bye bye birdie

a colleague of mine found a lil baby bird in her garden 2 days ago. she couldnt find a nest anywhere nearby so she took it in. yesterday after work she gave it to me cuz she had to work today. the plan was for me to look after it today and tomorro (since i have to work), she'll take it to the spca.
it was a cute lil bird and i was tempted to keep it, but i really dont believe in taking in flying birds as pets so even if i was gonna care for it for a few days, i'd let it fly away when it can (i remember as a kid, my dad used to buy these colorful lil birds to keep as pets, but i would always release them from their cages-without my father knowing of course).
anyway, i looked up the internet last night on how to look after baby birds and apparently the best thing to do is to leave them alone. even if we have to take them in, we're not supposed to feed them anything (i already gave the bird water and a bit of rice-oops!), keep them in a box in dark quiet place and then bring them to an animal shelter.
so that was my plan today-to bring the birdie to the spca, but alas... it died sometime during the night.

now i just gotta persuade my roomates to lemme keep a cat. got too much love to give ;)

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