Tuesday, February 10, 2009

perak, rihanna: unrelated hops

yea..yea.. i'm aware of what's been going on with the politics in msia currently.
the party hops, the perak, the daulat, etc.
i was just back in perak (my ma's hometown-ulu kinta) pun actually.
but aiyoh..dont even feel like commenting anything about the whole huhah.

was planning to hop down to rihanna's concert this friday. but the gurl got herself in a fight or somethin' with her boyfriend, i'm not sure what.. so now the show's got postponed to an unspecified date.
dang.. now i cant party no-mo ;)
well at least the people who didnt want her to come here in the 1st place got their wish.
hmm..just had a thought..
this morning, fly fm was asking people to call in and share with them what they think was the "conspiracy theory" behind rihanna & chris brown's fiasco.
some people said rihanna was jealous la, that chris was getting too close to another girl la, that it was done on purpose, just to get more publicity for themselves (really?seriously?), etc etc.
my theory: sumpahan selangor.
longshot, i know.
gimme a break.

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