Monday, March 01, 2010

dedicated to other fellow single ladies out there!

these are some of the answers you can give people who ask you the inevitable question.. "bila nak kawin ni?", or better yet.."apsal tak kawin2 lagi ni?".
they are in no particular order, and are not copyrighted. feel free to use them as needed.

1) "oo.. dah set date hari tu tapi busy sangat, susah dapat cuti, so i actually missed my own wedding!!"
2) "banyak sangat calon ajak kawin, so dah suruh isi borang.. tapi still tak habis2 tapis lagi ni"
3) "banyak sangat calon, dah isi borang, dah tapis the top 10, tapi tunggu boss approve pulak"
4) "actually, dah kawin hari tu, tapi senyap2 aje.. shhh.. dont tell anyone ok?rahsia!!"
5) "umm.. dah set date, but i cant tell you.. you're not invited!"
6) "jomlah.. now also can!!*wink*" -->if it's a man asking.
7) "jomlah.. now also can!why not??*winkwink*" --> if it's a woman asking.
8) "13.13.2013"
9) "malas!"
10) dont say anything, but quiver your lips, force those bloody tears out of your eyes, nasal secretions too if you can (a bonus!), and bawl like a baby right there in front of them!
11) if #10 is too hard for you, then dont say anything, but make a fist with your dominant hand, and punch the person in the face (aim for the nose.. so the bloody tears come out of their eyes instead!)

i've been using them myself, but my favourites are #5, 6, and 9.


fari said...

hehhehe.....i likeeeeee!! spashly the last one..

Anonymous said...

salam emie
bukan nak nyibuk,tak nak yg no 11 tau tak nak tanya bila nak kawin hehe..
tertarik ngan no 6. wah teringin nak dengar soalan camtu from u..mungkin u tak tanya orang yg betul kut
insyaAllah u akan kahwin satu hari nanti..setiap org dicipta berpasangan..take care