Monday, July 05, 2010

cakap biar terang, doc!

a friend at work shared with me this one:
- her brother, who i take it from her description, is a bit on the overweight side, asked her opinion regarding a symptom he is having. she advised him to do a few blood investigations, which include few that requires him to fast first...lipid, sugars, etc. so she told him "ingat, puasa tau pegi amik darah2 tu".
so the brother literally "puasa" la.. .. he even woke up at 4 am to drink a full mug of milo as "sahur", and went to take the bloods at 7 am.
obviously, she only has herself to blame, for not clarifying to the brother earlier on how it actually works ;)

this one happened quite awhile ago already, at the previous place where i worked. i probably blogged about it already too, cant remember, but i still think it's funny..hehe.
- a chinese colleague was asking in malay, a young girl's parent whether her kid ever had an ultrasound done to look at her kidneys, "puan, anak puan punye buah pinggang ada pernah tengok tv ka?"


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