Thursday, July 13, 2006

favourite footballers

so the world cup's finally over. means my circadian rhythm can get back to normal again. felt like i've been jetlagged the whole month, what with sleeping after midnite, and waking up again at 3am, then brief sleep for an hour or 2, before waking up again for work. then in between those disrupted nights, a doc's gotta be oncall too... so yeah well, sorta glad it's over. obviously no one's gonna take pity on me if i complain about not having enuff sleep cuz of football right? ;)

just thought i'd list down my favourite players for this year (they're in no particular order.. and the letters S, for skills, and L, for looks, simply explains why each one of them are on my list, and whether it's the skill or the looks that attracts more ;)):
-joe cole (S=L)
-michael ballack (S=L)
-luca toni (L>S)
-simao sambrosa (S>L)
-zidane (S>L)
-klose (S)
-beckham (L>S)
-fabio cannavaro (S=L)
-owen hargreaves (S>>L)
-freddie ljungberg (L>>>S)
-luis figo (S>>L)
-nesta (usually it's S=L, but since he's mostly on the bench this time, it's just L for now :))
-rio ferdinand (S)
-del pierro (S>L)
-lehmann (S)
-o'donkor (S)
-andriy schevchenko (L>S, seemed he didnt play his usually great self)
-arne friedrich (S=L)
-bastian schweinsteiger (S)
-sebastian kehl (S>L)
-cristiano ronaldo (S=L, but too bad he likes to play dirty!such an actor..)
-hidetoshi nakata (usually S=L too, but not too impressive this time around, so just L for him too)
-john terry (S>>L)

as for teams, germany was my most favourite for this year, followed by italy, france and england. for me, the best time was when brazil went out of the tournament. nothing against them but there was too much hu-hah about the team and how people were so confident that they would win again that got me un-interested. yes, i thought they were a pretty impressive team going into the tournament, but i was hoping for different teams to be in the finals this year, just for the sake of getting an unexpected ending, and it did, and that was great! (just like in the movies-lah.. for me,the predictable storylines suck the most).
and o-boy..zizou's exit? how unexpected was that? it was great and yet not-great at the same time!

and it was great to find out too, that at work, i wasn't the only one always groggy by mid afternoon from staying up for world cup.apparently quite a number of my colleagues (female ones!) actually follow the matches (and obviously players) too. there were also a few of them who actually woke up at 3am, (cuz they were supposed to wake their boyfriends/hubbies up)and ended up watching the games by themselves.. (cuz let's face it.. it ain't easy to disrupt a man's bedtime right?)
and btw, notice how ads/campaigns/cartoons in the media mostly depicted how "absorbed" the men were with the world cup that they leave the women "sleepless and lonely in bed", or "free to go shopping" (come on-lah, if you're in msia, where would you go at 3 am? sheesh..). i really think they should come up with different scenarios for the next world cup ads ;)

and yeah, to quote the men out there.."even tho the world cup's ended, there's always the EPL, the Spanish league, etc.." will be looking fwd to those, so i can get a glimpse of my favourite players in action again. ole!

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