Saturday, June 09, 2007

woe is me..mebbe?

women's final at the french open. henin vs ivanovic. evrybody wants (and believes) henin's gonna win again this year. but i kinda like ivanovic. it'd be great if she wins. she's very pretty too. hee.

ok, so the results are out. i'm out. so that's it. i'm giving up for sure. not trying for it again-ever again! "never give up" you say?.. no.. you should never say never. i believe there are times when it's okay to give up. i should have given up earlier actually. think of all that money i could've saved if i hadnt sat for the exam again and again and again.. i'm talking thousands of ringgit u know. the shoes, the clothes, that car cd player i've been ogling at, that car of mine that seriously needs a makeover... i couldve used all that money to get all that, with extra for savings too! ;)
i'm still disappointed of course, but interestingly, there are no tears this time. bawled like a baby evrytime i found out i failed last time.
so passing exam's not my thing.. i'll just sit for the "free" ones then. at least the "loss" wont feel like a huge one.

looks like ivanovic's losing too. o well. i'll get to go to bed earlier tonite then.

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