Wednesday, June 20, 2007

press my benign buttons, baby

no, it aint a rap song.
my fren mawa and i came across this cheaper version of a barbie doll being sold in a store recently. the name of the doll was weird enuff -benign girl- but look at the description beneath the name: beautiful girl. press any button.
you can see that she comes with batteries and other accessories as well.
a benign, beautiful, battery operated, barbie-lookalike doll with buttons you can press. o what joy it is to have such a doll (?).
mawa n me laughed sooo hard.
where to start?
how and why is she "benign"? what defines a benign girl? in cancer world, benign is usually good. malignant is bad. so which category am i?
mebbe they're not really targeting little girls as major customers then? (we looked around and reconfirmed that we're indeed at the toy section of a family oriented shopping place, and not in an "i need" shop)
button? what button? i can think of a button that till now remains a major mystery to some men (and even women) but i'm not in the mood for a sex education now. besides, physically, she's so anatomically incorrect and disproportionate that i'm sure what i think they mean by button is not what they mean by button.heh.

of course, after the tears from laughing so hard dried in our eyes and we can see properly again, we realized that the batteries must be for the phone that comes with the doll. i mean, the doll's so skinny there's no way she can fit any batteries in her. and the mystery button? i'm sure they mean press any button on the phone. d-uh!

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