Monday, May 19, 2008

post-exam diary

thomas cup... sigh..not ours again.

nadal vs federer - masters hamburg series final.
triple championship points...
and nadal, the great prince on clay, wins again.

chelsea vs man u in the championship league final next week. go chelsea!
david vs david on american idol finale next week. go cook! *drool*
f1 monaco next sunday. go kimi!

back in kl again yesterday. dad's 60th birthday. he was not in the mood to celebrate though.
an old friend got married.. went to the wedding.
followed by 2 movies at the cinema..
what happens in vegas : predictable storyline, but quite funny. diaz and kutcher are awesome!
narnia 2: bo-ring.

catching up on csi vegas season 8. 7 episodes down.

nujum pak belalang playing on astro: beringin rendang vs masai, lawan tekateki. i enjoy pramlee's funnies.

oncall tomorrow.

exam was over 4 days ago. it was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
if i successfully fail as predicted, then another exam will haunt me end of the year.
malas to cry already.
i'll just go to plan b, or c..
and life goes on.

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