Thursday, July 10, 2008

"so emie, apa cerita?"

i dont really like it when people ask me this.
the question usually comes from friends/relatives who havent seen me for a while. (it usually comes after: "hey.. u've gained weight yah?" or "hmm.. kau dah gemuk nampak?")--> but that's for another blog, another time.
why dont i like it is simply cuz i i felt like i dont really have much to cerita .. my job's the same, the place i work's still the same, my car's still the same, my health's the same, my status is the same (status quo).
so yeah.. the only thing that's changed is actually my weight, but like i said, this is the 1st thing they would notice anyway.
so i would usually say "oh, same ol same ol..u know"..and would then proceed to cerita about other things, or other people...altho when i think about it again later, i actually do have my own cerita i can cerita, but being caught off guard most of the time kan.. the cerita just got lost i guess. hee. whatever.

so here's my cerita for today..after like ?2 months of not blogging, more like a catching-up lah kot:

forfar,nelson,here i come (again)
it's back to the books again for me.!

it has been a really interesting year in tennis so far.
rafa beat fedex to the british cup this year,preventing the fed a 6-yr streak at wimbledon, and possibly sending the guy to a depth of depression (hope not!) for making him lose another grand slam title this year!
the williams sisters made it to the finals again, with venus bringing home the trophy.

the M word
quite a number of friends got busy sending off wedding invitations this year. interestingly, few are actually doing it for the 2nd time already (!) so apparently the question they pose nowadays is this: "so emie, when are you gonna get married hah? so&so already twice now..haha...ha...ha"
sheesh *eyeroll*

the D word
quite a number of people i know are/have gotten divorced as well. seems there are soooo many diverse reasons behind the divorces nowadays. i dont think there are any actual risk factors to getting them anymore. the couple could be living together/living apart, no children/got children, great in-laws/crazy in-laws/even no in-laws, age difference/no age difference, love marriage/arranged marriage, fidelity/infidelity, married young/married late, good sex/bad sex/no sex, just married/golden anniversary,...and the list goes on...
well i guess there is one definite risk factor for getting a divorce then--> getting married!

the good ol days
attended my old boarding school's 25th anniversary. was fun. very nostalgic.

work frustations
the LJ,the shameless fabricator,the stoopidos,the red tape,the pointing fingers,the illness,the deaths,the feeling of helplessness.

euro o euro
france and italy didnt make it very far. but germany got to the finals tho they didnt win. but hey, they beat portugal- muahaha.

kimi, massa, & hamilton are head-to-head at the standings, with kubica running (or driving rather ;)) really close behind. now that's what i call a race!

no..not another sports tournament. rather the disastrous journey i decided to embark myself in order to (kononnye) get myself "specialized". sheessh. what was i thinking? i dont think i give a damn anymore.bah! i'm too damn lazy for it all already.

happy hair
yup. new hairstyle. splurged a bit on it. but not sorry that i did ;)

current reading
other than paeds lit? the book thief and two caravans.


hancock- predictable
ironman-loved it!
wanted-uuhhmmm....mixed feelings about this one
13 games (thai movie)-gross.loved it.but gross.really.
kungfu panda-fairly enjoyable. the animated kungfu moves are kung-fu-fun.heh.


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