Saturday, August 28, 2010

help! my baby is laughing..

heard this from a friend of mine, who saw a patient, a 1+ yr old malay baby, brought to the hospital for a burn injury to the face.
history taken: parents were worried that their child may have been "possessed" by some spirits. reason?
the kid likes to laugh and babbles by himself, even when there was no one around (lemme remind you again, the kid is just past 1 year old, not even speaking very much yet at all, so if you ask me... he's perfectly normal!!).
so what do the parents do?
they brought the kid to a bomoh (of course!). and the bomoh did the usual..mutters a few words of mantera.. burn some kemenyan.. carry the burning kemenyan in its little claypot container thingy over the kid's head and "smokes" him (or the spirits out-God knows), and .. whoops! the container tilted..and whoops! all the burning kemenyan fell onto the poor kid's face!!
kid cries, of course (he obviously wont be laughing for quite least not until he's in good spirits again). according to my friend, good thing the eyes were not affected, or he could've been blind!


Nana said...

what?? Kesian that kid. The kid had burn injury this time. God knows what other injuries he/she would get along the growing up process? Mandi air bunga at 2 years old? Silap2 came back with drowning...ish ish ish...

emie said...

i know..seriously!