Saturday, August 28, 2010

scary-part deux

thank the Lord. alin's sister is back with the family! i'm so happy and relieved for alin and her family.
now that i know she's safe, i thought i'll just share here what alin told me she had to go through in search of her sister.
after they've made the police report, her family tried to contact her sister on her cell, as she later did send an sms to her mom, telling her she's with a friend or sth like that. when they tried again, her cell was off. so they asked if maxis could help locate where she was based on the sms. maxis wouldnt release the info without a letter or order from the police. so they went back to the police to ask for the letter. guess what the police told alin?
"oh saya cuti hari ni, so esok sajalah ambik surat tu!"
alin of course, i can imagine, got angry la.. the more you delay the process, the further away her sister would be, and more difficult for them to trace!
so she went back and wrote a formal email of complaint to the PDRM website.
her dad in the meantime, got a direct number to the super-chief of police, and complained directly.
and barulah the sergeant got on his ass to issue the order and trace the number from maxis. and they found out that her sister could be in penang already! if they had waited the next day..tah2 dah across the border!
i mean, cuti tu cutilah, but takkan tak ada orang ganti?
and it's not a sempoi case like my friend got her cat stuck in a tree, it's her young sister freakin' missin'!

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