Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dear you, it's me

Dear God, it's me.
Dear me, it's you.

Dear love, hug me.
Dear evil, go away.
Dear anger, don't slay.
Dear sabr, do stay.
Dear madness, don't be weird.
Dear joy, come play.
Dear grief, don't overwhelm.
Dear sadness, don't cry.
Dear happiness, be content.
Dear trust, don't lie.
Dear insof, don't abandon me.
Dear will, don't give up.
Dear doubts, don't bother me.
Dear riches, don't beg.
Dear time, thank you.
Dear past, no regrets.
Dear present, let me learn.
Dear future, may you be bright.
Dear life, be kind, will you?
Dear death, be gentle too.

Dear you, it's me.
Dear me, I love you.

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