Sunday, January 14, 2007

back with a new lap friend in a new laptop that is ;)
sigh....... i missed blogging!!!
my ol trusty laptop was stolen about 2 months ago. someone (damn u-or u guys- to hell!!) broke into our house and stole each of our laptop-mine and my 2 housemates'.
i'll blog more about this later.

so much has happened since then. i wrote about them in yahoo360 already so malas nak ulang.

oh...and it's now the 2nd week already in the new year. cepat betul.
which makes me 32 years and 2 weeks old. sigh. time flies.
i got this new laptop exactly a week after my bday.. borrowed the money from me dad. sigh. dont think i'll have enuff funds for the trip to melbourne this march. been planning to go since a friend went there for her masters. she's now doing her phd.
gosh.. that's another thing about being in the thirties. you get frens completing their post grads, doing their phds, doctor frens becoming specialists,..
and you dont get much wedding inivitations anymore too, unless it's your close fren's brother/sister getting married, while your already married frens are either expanding their families with a 3rd or 4th child coming soon, or getting divorced.. in which case you may then get invitations to your fren's wedding-for the 2nd time. heee...

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Basha said...

Well.. that friend of yours says she'll be in Melbourne until Sept 2009, so you'll still have considerable amount of time to save (she hopes!) money and plan for a trip.

Hope your mum is back in the pinkest of health now. Say hi to her and your dad for me, eh?