Wednesday, January 31, 2007

sigh.breathe in.out.sigh.snort.blah.sigh again.

just finished all 6 seasons of sex and the city (again).

just discovered that i really luv 24! (only seen 1st 2 seasons so far-yeah,yeah, long way to go) but i'm stuck now.

and am so in luv with kiefer sutherland. he seems cool.

missed the SAG awards yesterday. lupa. was so engrossed with 24 season 2. saw the last 12 episodes back-to-back. slept at 3am.

work is as work sometimes, unfortunately, is.

another desperate mother left her newborn baby in a drain.

poor lil one a real fighter tho.

alive and kicking.

well not exactly kicking-was lethargic by time he got to us.

but still ok, considering.

he got bruises all over.

must be bruised emotionally too. left unwanted by own mom.

world oh world.


bed beckons.

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