Tuesday, February 05, 2008

polis story 2

remember that thing that ticked me off about the police 2 years back when our house was broken into (few blogs back)?

well, here's another "amusing" story for ya..
just recently, i was in kl to see a couple of friends. we were on our way to one utama for a dinner and a movie. our friend gie was driving, when her car was hit from behind by another car. the driver admitted his fault, showed us his ic, said he'll pay for the expenses, numbers exchanged..yada yada yada.. and we continued on, had our dinner, watched the movie (eastern promises-bit dreary, but viggo mortensen was good..and sexy too!), and lost our way over half an hour in the HUGE carpark trying to remember where we parked the car...
anyway, long story short, my friends decided to make a police report (o yes..i objected of course.. but my points arent strong enuff to debate against my friend's lote's: "as a responsible msian, we should report, even if no actions are taken, they can put it in their statistics...etcetc.."..
and the fact that by then, even tho i've became the designated driver (cuz gie was still in shock), the car wasnt mine, so i had to oblige.
so by the time we zigzagged thru the "maze" that is ttdi, unfamiliar territory to us three, it was already past 1 am. it was another half hour before we finally found the police station, and as we reached the front gates, there was this really young-looking cop standing post, so i rolled down the window and asked..
me : nak buat report boleh?
police kid: report apa?
me: kerete kena langgar tadi
police kid: kat mana?
me: kat depan sana, nak pegi one utama tu
police kid: oo..nak report tu boleh buat kat ibupejabat polis traffik
me: o ye ke? sini tak boleh?
police kid: tak..kat ibupejabat polis traffik
me: oo.. kat mana pulak tu ye? tempat ni tadi pun kami susah cari..
police kid: kat pj..
me: pj..dekat mana kat pj?
police kiddo: dekat pj-lah..petaling jaya, selangor.. (in thick kelantan accent)
me: ............
my friend lote sitting beside me: ..about to say sth quite sinister back to the guy i'm sure..so i held her back
me: boleh bagi nama jalan tak kat pj tu polis traffik tu kat mana
police kid: err.. tatau lah... cuba masuk dalam tanya

and he gestured for us to drive in to ask the other police inside.
so we did...all the while laughing our heads off.. pj selangor............sheesshhh...

then (nope, belum habis lagi ni..)
lote and gie went in to speak to this group of police sitting around in the "lounge area" (looked like a quiet night for them..i, btw, of course refused to go down and speak to them..heh)
and after a good many minutes (i had enuff time to tell my brother on the phone about evrything that had happened up to that point).. they came back to the car and gie said she'd make the report tomorrow. apparently the policemen told them how to get to the ibupejabat polis traffik using landmarks like "pizza hut on the right.. depan sikit lagi ada nampak bangunan warna kuning.. depan sikit belok kiri, jalan terus, belok kanan.." (this time in thick kedah accent) but none of them could tell them the address of the ibupejabat polis traffik in petaling jaya selangor.

by the time i got home i was 3 am.
like another friend of mine said when he heard the story.."wah..what an adventure. what is it about you and the polis?"
yeah..it's me that is the problem ;)

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zahrul said...

I tried to be polite to people just about anywhere but sometimes people tend to forget the mission of their career. In this case Emie, either play along or make complaints thru their superiors. Kalau takde kenal sesapa, pegi ke Peti Cadangan yg berhampiran. Don't ever engage them head-on. You'll end up in a collision where the not winning side is yours. Remember, they got the power and the guns:}