Tuesday, February 05, 2008

one sure sign i need to lose weight

this happened to me before and i blogged about it in yah00360.
that there's a colleague at work.. who's really petite, and after she became (obviously) pregnant and gained a few, people started to mistake me for her at work!!! and when these people realize their mistake, they said it's because i really look like her now that she's pregnant! and when she came back after her maternity leave, no one mistook me for her anymore!!
so ok..that was last year..
then this year.. just the other day.. another staff thought i was her again, and called me by her name twice.. and i was with my boss at the time, and when i told her that this happened before last year when the colleague was pregnant, she told me "oh memang dia pregnant lagi dah pun.."
so it's confirmed... evrytime she gets pregnant now, people will start seeing me as her body double.
boy o boy...do i need to lose weight..

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