Sunday, February 10, 2008

luv da movies

had the flu but still had to work.. so spent the whole day yesterday "recharging" myself at home. big breakfast (mcdonald's!..yea..screw the diet.. body double pun body double lah) then long nap.. also caught up with my long list of movies on dvds..
- 30 days & nights
- i am legend
- atonement (that james mcavoy is so cute!)
- a mighty heart (good movie..but i just had one nagging question:how come angelina's hair in the whole movie remained the same? she had this dark, really wrinkly hair for her character in the movie, as she played a pregnant wife whose journalist husband was kidnapped by terrorrists...and they had flashback scenes going back to her character's wedding day...and she still had the same wrinkly hair pulled up the exact same way! they could've at least put flowers in them or sth... and then there's the scene at the end when it was 3-4 years after the tragedy..and she still had her hair up the same way! it sorta steals away the sense of time from the movie.. like evrything happened in a day or two instead of a few years..heh.. o well..)
- pursuit of happiness
- elizabeth: the golden age
- dragonlance: dragons of autumn twilight (it's been a loooong while since i last read the great dungeons&dragons chronicles..but this movie animation adaptation did no justice at all to the them..even if it had kiefer sutherland, lucy lawless, micheal rosenbaum and james marsden lending their voices to the main characters.. pity pity...)

24 hrs/day.. if only we have more eh?
cuz there's still quite a big pile of dvds waiting for me to watch..blockbusters..indies..foreigns..
not counting those in the cinemas .. ooh... which reminds me..saw sweeney todd last week too.. yay! it was awesome..i love it love it love it (and i dont fall for musicals very easily ;)

am looking fwd to the oscars!

but urmm.. for today....i will have to catch up on my studies.. ;(

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