Saturday, March 29, 2008

an incident at the mall

this happened to me a few weeks ago. my friend mawa and me went to the local mall and was on our down the underground parking. there was already a line there cuz it was raining heavily so most people wanted to park underground and not have to get wet getting out of the car.
oh..and this is not a story about another flooded underground parking either ;)

as we were waiting in line, this huge ford ranger truck from nowhere suddenly made its way into the line about 2-3 cars in front of us. mawar and me just shook our heads and grumbled to each other.. esp seeing that it looked like a family in that truck..there was young kid around 4-5 yrs old in there, observing all this probably thinking "o.. this is how u get evrywhere in life.. just cut in infront of evryone else!" we finally came up to the ticketing machine as the car in front of us went pass the entrance bar.. we saw the truck again.. parked just after the entrance bar, and the driver was waiting at the ticket machine.. and before i could brake the car and open my windows.. he pressed the button, and took OUR ticket!.. and went back to his truck!!!
the bar lifted, but of course we couldnt just drive thru cuz we dont have a ticket anymore..and that will cause problems later when we wanna leave..cuz um... we wont have a bloody ticket!
so i called out to the guy, who didnt even bother driving off in his truck right away, he was actually talking on his phone.. and i called out to him again.. "encik.. why did u take my ticket?"..
and he said" somebody took my i take yours lah"
so i asked again " but how am i supposed to go in now i dont have a ticket anymore?"
and he just shrugged his shoulders at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i turned to mawa, who was already feverishly taking down his car number (johor number btw), and then i turned to look at the long line of cars behind me, most of them probably not realizing what was the delay all about.. and i just drove through..and through..
we didnt even park down there.. we went straight up again and parked right at the main entrance (like i said, it was raining crazy heavily, so there were lots of paking spaces up there).. ...we were so angry... i was holding my breath cuz the hugest list of profanities were ready to eascape my mouth (and nose) ... i was that angry..
and we marched straight to the guards "in-charge" of the mall, ready to report the dumb brute.

but an interesting thing happened instead:
mawa and me started telling the guard lady at the counter about what happened.
we even gave her the car regisration number.
she listened and nodded, and started writing down the number.
then she said: so apa perasan adik bila dia buat macam ni?
mawa and me didnt quite expect this, so i asked her again.. cuz i thought i probably didnt hear her (there was also this mini-concert show going on right in the middle of the mall, just behind the counter where we were)
so she said again: apa perasan adik bila orang tu buat macam tu?
i turned to mawa and from her face i guess she heard the question too, so i answered: err... marah lah..
i suddenly had this sudden flash of vision that we were probably caught in some crazy "candid camera" show or sth.. and that the guard lady was gonna say "gotcha!!!!"
but instead she said: adik marah..maknanye adik faham la ye... perbuatan macam tu adalah satu kesalahan..

and she gave us a new parking ticket so we can get out later okay..

we thanked her quietly and walked away frowning. we just had a "moral education" given to us by that lady..?
realizing that, we both couldnt help laughing.. she probably felt that it was her responsibilty to teach us "youngins" about some good moral values. she didnt look that much older than us actually..but WE probably looked a lot younger.. haha.. that made us felt much better..
but in our hearts we still cursed that stupid jerk and his stupid ford ranger.

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zahrul said...

heeeee..kesian ko emie..apasal ko ni eh? ada bulls eye kat dahi ko saying 'bully me, i won't get mad kot'.

on the other hand, sabo aje la. kekadang retaliate pun tak guna..kena kita balik. tuhan tu maha adil.