Wednesday, March 12, 2008

viva voters!

i've never been a follower of politics. i read the news, hear people's opinions about it, and nod my head-not in agreement-but from falling asleep.
i went to vote the first time 4 years ago, but it was just to see what it's like. so that at least i can say to people - yeah, i've done the voting thing... like yea..i've been to vegas (i havent, but u know what i mean..). it didnt matter to me who or what i was voting.
i went again this year cuz initially, i thought we're all gonna get the ink-on-the-nail thing... i have to try that one.. but then it got cancelled, yet i still went and voted.
one is because, well..i already made sure i was not oncall that weekend so i can go back to kl where i registered to vote...but two is because, i became curious, and working for the govt for (wow) 7 years now.. i've "wisened up" in a way, opened my eyes and ears, and actually did a little bit of research about the malaysian government, and the opposition. .. and decided..yea-i'm definitely voting this time, not just for myself, but hopefully for malaysians and malaysia.

come the results of the election later that evening, i found myself actually sitting in front of the tv with my parents and my dad had the whole list of candidates on the table, and we helped him fill it out as we read the scrolling tab at the bottom of the tv screen..(it was geeky and cool at the same time...hehe...)
and it wasnt long before we realized what was happening.. emm..with all the coverage in the media, internet, and mamak stalls about the whole results thing, i dont have to regurgitate the results again in here...EVRYBODY KNOWS!
... but i just want to say that..i'm suddenly proud of malaysians for making the "daring" move.. and i'm excited ...and nervous a bit too of course, to see this new government that has been won by simple majority (i have only recently learnt about this new term, along with others that were total jargon to me before this), and to see the opposition finally being given the chance by the people to show us what they've got, and whether they are what and who they claim to be...
no doubt it was a great risk what the voters have done, giving the opps 5 states..but then if the risk is not taken, we will never know now would we?
and if things dont turnout the way we have been promised and assured that they would.. i'm sure the voters will know what to do come the elections again in 4 yrs time.
pray to God for the best.

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