Sunday, July 20, 2008

a bug is buggin..

what is it about me that i attract weird psychos into my life?
just when it seems that i've finally gotten rid of one big bug after so many years of trying to get away from him (and his family)...(and not counting the few one-timers who calls me on the phone)..
there's now another one buzzing me evrytime i get online.
i ignored him of course, but didnt delete him right away cuz initally, (ok, i admit it)reading his stalking emails and offline messages sorta amused me in a way that makes me feel relatively normal... that though i've been called "weird" a few times, i'm still not THAT weird (haha..takes one to know one.. yeah i know).. but at least i'm not psychotic.
so yeah, tho it seems that i do attract them (like the bug-glue-thingy in the picture i took few weeks ago when out at dinner).. i really dont do psychos.
malas ah.

ps: the term psycho that is often used in this blog has the term defined personally by the writer, and only very loosely follows the DSM criteria.

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mir said...

funny this topic is also a topic on 1 of my fren's blog. and just now, one of the bosses here spoke to me bout facebook..where some people added her but she doesnt know who they she so lazy to add these unknown people...