Tuesday, July 15, 2008

hello, this is stoopid psycho calling...

some people cant stand letting the phone ring again and again without picking it up. i for one, am totally okay with that.. if i really dont feel like picking up a call, i wont. although, having said that, i agree that if you're in public or there are other people around, you should pick up the phone or at least shut it off or disconnect it if you really dont wanna answer the call for whatever reason, just so you dont annoy the people around you (especially if you've got one of them annoying ringing tones going off at maximum volume on your cell).
with caller ids now available on regular phones and cellphones, it's easy to see who's calling ya. the calls that i dont like taking are actually from unrecognized numbers.. most times it's the credit card company, other times it's just a wrong number, and then there are those calls from total (psycho)strangers who happen to get my no from someone.
me: how'd you get my number?
psycho: adalah...
me: tell me lah..
psycho: adalah...orang bagi..
me: who?
psycho: adalah...
me: what do you want?
psycho: saja nak borak..
me: why?
psycho: saja..
me: but i dont know you..
psycho: that's ok... bolehla kita kenal2....
me: ok.. tell me who you are first lah..
psycho: tak payah la tau..
me: huh? habih nak borak apa?
psycho: apa-apalah.. u nak borak apa?
and this is when i usually hang up the phone.
holey-gibbers..dah la psycho, bodoh pulak tu.. i'd rather waste my time doing sth else thanx.

so that's why i usually dont take unrecognized numbers. if they are actually calls from people that i actually know, then they should and usually will text me and lemme know who they are and i'll just call them back, no problem ;)

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