Thursday, September 04, 2008

a friend's belated bday

east's bday was actually yesterday, but mawa had to work, so we postponed the celebration by a day. after quickly breaking fast at home, we headed to zen.. erm.. yeah, instead of terawikh.. but um, it's considered for a good cause aint it? celebrating a friend? hee..
well anyway, so we went to zen, and mawa somehow managed to discreetly order the cake, and when the waitress came to the table to take our order, and seeing that east was looking at the cake section in the menu, i quickly said "oh, too bad the cake's all gone". and the cool waitress totally got it right away and played along when east asked again to confirm. she even said that all the cakes in the glass case have been reserved. mawa and me then quickly ordered our main meal before east could suggest changing venues. later when the cake made its appearance , she was indeed surprised! yay!

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