Tuesday, September 16, 2008

rambling on dates

it's september 16th. ma's birthday!
happy birthday ma!

years ago when we were younger, the 3 of us--> me, my sis and my lil brother,listed the family's birthdates and realized that there was a pattern.

starting with the dates: sis was born on the 14th, bro on the 15th, ma on the 16th,and pa on the 17th.
then the months: pa was born in may, sis in june, ma in september, and bro in october.
then the years: pa in 1948, ma 2 yrs later in 1950, sis in 1978, then bro 2 yrs later in 1980. (nice ring to it too, ie. 48-78, 50-80).

so um..that left me as the odd one out.. being born on 1.1.1975.
so my adiks concluded that there's only one reason for that.... i must have been adopted! reasons being:
- as the kakak, i was there to witness and remember their births.. but they werent there to remember mine (!).
- my birthdate was probably just a made up one, since noone actually knew when exactly i was born, so the 1st of january was chosen by default, and so that it'll be easily remembered (!!).
- my name's totally different from theirs (both of them have the same first names, just different middle names) (!!!)
made a lot of sense at the time hah?!

but like i said..that was yeaaarss ago, when we were reeeaaallyy young (and had really creative imaginations)..and no, i'm not adopted (phew!). the minute we told ma about the theory, she dismissed us with her usual "ish, ish..cakap yg bukan-bukan". hee..

anyway, so later sis got married (her hubby's bdate is 28.4.76) and amirah was born on 8.11.05... and we couldnt find a pattern anymore. then aliff was born..on 30.3.07.. and altho there's still no obvious pattern to it, i was proud cuz it actually matched my car number (3037). yay!

(before you suggest it...no..i dont play the lottery ;))

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aku2257 said...

eh since pa n ma left bangkok i nver saw our pics when we were there... u got it somewhere on the net? or can mail me?

btw my car is 2257...gotta check last year's calendar see what happened on that date.