Sunday, December 07, 2008

chasing sunsets

last week i tried a couple of times to capture the beautiful sunset from a small restaurant right by the beach at pantai puteri, melaka. both times i failed. the first because the day was too cloudy. the second day we left the house 2 minutes too late that by the time we reached the restaurant, the sun had completely gone.
then one day after work this week, i went to get groceries, and on the way back saw that the sun was setting down nicely. i knew i wouldnt be able to make it to the beach at pantai puteri, so i just drove straight towards the coast line, not exactly sure where i should go to get a good shot of the sunset and hoping i wont miss it again this time. then i found myself driving past my housing area towards another housing area that's right by the coast line. by the time i parked, got out my camera, and ran towards the beach (in my skirt and heels! i told you i was from work) the sun was already halfway sinking down in the horizon, but i managed to capture a few shots that didnt turnout too bad.


Mignon said...

"Didn't turn out too bad"???!!!
Those shots are awesome! I'm downloading them for my Mac wallpaper. Boleh ya tuan tanah?

emie said...

wah, thanx luv! i'm flattered. go ahead. FOC ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Emie...nice pictures. You captured the right moment. Not easy to get the round shape of the sun. Good work!


mir said...