Sunday, December 07, 2008

latest reads

list of books i've read in the past month:
1) eat pray love - by elizabeth gilbert
2) fish: a memoir of a boy in a man's prison -by tj parsell
3) remember me? - by sophie kinsella
4) fables - volume 10
5) the book thief - by markus zusak
6) the graveyard book - by neil gaiman
7) my sister's keeper - by jodi piccoult

i wish i could travel (and write) like elizabeth gilbert. remember me is a typical sophie kinsella work, but the only "chick lit" i still quite enjoy. fish is another non-fiction, didnt quite like it; started out quite good and interesting, but surprisingly turnout more of a romantic story in the end.
the book thief and the graveyard book are supposed to be targeting "young adults" but i still love both of the books (hmm..guess a 30-something can still fit in this category then huh?).
my sister's keeper is somewhat a "familiar" read because it's about childhood leukemia and we see patients with the cancer everyday at work, but it's written in the perspective of the family having to deal with the disease, and the controversial issues about genetics designer babies , the moral versus ethical dilemma surrounding it. it's quite a moving story, i actually cried unexpectedly at the end!
i'm currently reading dry - by the funny augusten burroughs, but have to put it aside for awhile this weekend cuz i have a presentation to finish before wednesday.
thank God for the long weekend.

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