Sunday, January 11, 2009

parties, reunions & celebrations

lemme see if i can remember all the events that occured in december

1st there was the daycare party.. the one my dept throw every year mainly for our chronic patients receiving treatments at our daycare. last year we started with the theme thing (space adventure)..this year it's "animal kingdom". it went well.. the kids (and i think the adults too) had fun, and that's the most important thing.

then there was the reunion ..a real small one, 6 of us, 2 of whom i havent seen for 10 years, met up for dinner at midvalley. there was a great deal of catching up done! got to know them when we were all studying in nova scotia, canada . we agreed that it'd be great if we could all go back to canada again, just for a visit.

there was another reunion later, on xmas day in fact.. me, lote & june, old friends from my mrsm terendak days. lote and me will see june once a year when she comes back to melaka (from sarawak) during the long school hols (june's a teacher). this year she made mee bandung for us.. (well her mom did of course!) and "sold" us some brooches and a few other "expensive" stuff ..hehe (inside joke).

jody, my good friend, got engaged to her man.
mawar, my housemate, got married to hers.
congrats peeps!!

and then it was "happy new year- 2009!!"
which means i turn 34..
but then who's celebrating that ;)

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