Saturday, January 24, 2009

the mutt

there was this dog that suddenly claimed our front porch as his home, and for some reason thought that my housemates and i are his owners. (i think it's a he... didnt actually check to confirm)
for 3 days, the dog greeted us when we opened the front door in the morning, and chased our cars as we drove off to work, then greeted us when we arrived home in the evenings, wagging his tail happily. he bowed his head down when i told him ''no", turned his belly up expecting us to rub it, chewed up all the junk mail and made our porch even messier than it usually is!
we're quite sure he belonged to someone because he seemed really 'manja'. we're not sure how long he has been lost, but he was really really dirty.
cute. but dirty.

we couldnt make him leave our porch and stop acting & thinking like we're his owners. so a colleague at the hospital took him from our hands and helped us find him a home. i couldnt bear to see him off even though i know that's the best thing for him and us, so i didnt stick around when our friend came to pick him.
later that night, my housemates and i talked about him, and all quietly admitted we miss the mutt.
hopefully he's happy wherever he ends up to be.

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Mignon said...

Comey nya.... must be hard to let go.