Saturday, January 24, 2009

rela do RELA

a circular came out recently stating that government employees who are involved in doing >4hrs night rounds as part of their kampung or taman's RELA or neighbourhood watch, are allowed to have the next morning off from work so they can rest.
makes sense.. i mean, lacking a few hours of sleep from walking round the neighbourhood making sure everyone else sleeps safe, then having to go to work the next day, face those computers, sit through an important meeting, that's just unacceptable.. how can you make important decisions, or crunch up numbers, after a lack of sleep the night before right?


fyi, as doctors, we also lack sleep when we handle human lives during our 24hour calls at the hospital.. but we DONT get off the next day, so no matter what, we still have to continue making the right decisions, the correct calculations and right drug dosages, make sure the correct leg gets chopped off when need to, yadayadayada, you get what i mean, doctors' business, handling human lives, make sure they dont die, that sorta thing. all that without enough (or even any) sleep for 24hours before that.
ok ok.. you can argue that we get paid an extra rm150 per call, while RELA i'm told, is voluntary.
do the math carefully.
your life, my life. for rm150.
who wins?


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