Sunday, July 16, 2006

nostalgic visit

i went to my old school today. to talk to the kids about what i do. my friend lo made me go.. woke me up real early in the morning...before 9am.. on a sunday too!.. to go join the alumni give a career talk to a bunch of 17 yr olds.
so i dragged my butt there and well....i'm actually glad i did!

it was really a great walk down memory lane. lo and me were both late (some things never change ;)) , they've already started anyway so we both just went and took a walk around the campus first. boy.. every nook and corner brought back memories!
the main hall ..where we had our assemblies, major exams, and badminton matches.
the classrooms.. where we obviously had our classes, meetings and the so-called dates..
the toilets..where my close girlfriends and me would meet at the same exact time every night during prep class to catch up on the latest gossips and re-do our hairs (those humangous front upsweeps of the late 80's required frequent maintenance u know).
the music class..where i went to learn the drums, and practised dance steps to sheila majid's warna (twas an assignment for music class ok..)

the field..where we played softball with the boys, and i cheered my sweetheart during his 100m sprint on sports day...sigh.. (hearts in eyes now)
the netball court..
the dining hall..
the dorm..
ahh... the dorm.. memories there were the best and most vivid in my memory. girls just wanna have fun u know? course, i cant jot down evrything on here.. this IS a public blog yeah? there were certain things that were kept hidden from the authorities, namely the wardens, and u know.. they might come across this..and o well, i'm just tired now actually.. it's already past midnite, and i did get up before 9 today..on a sunday!

i treasure all the memories.. i do, but for now, i'll just keep them to myself... and go to bed.

oh..and yeah, we did get ourselves back to the actual career talk. managed to tell the kids to rethink about their future carefully. gave them the real picture about what's waiting for them out there.. no matter what they decide to do in the end.

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