Thursday, July 20, 2006

gunny baby

MALACCA: A newly-born baby girl was abandoned in a sundry shop lavatory for 10 hours on Wednesday by a widow who thought the infant had died at birth.It was only after Malacca Hospital authorities treating the widow for bleeding realised that she had just delivered, did the story emerge.Gynaecologists suspected something was amiss when the woman denied having given birth despite the obvious signs of delivery.They called in a cousin of the 35-year-old who got to the bottom of things after speaking privately to her.The cousin rushed to the shop, where the widow worked, and found the baby in a gunny sack about 10pm.The infant was rushed to the hospital and placed under observation in the children’s ward.It is understood that the 2.4kg infant will be handed over to a relative’s family as the widow had given permission to hospital authorities to do so.The episode began about noon when the widow gave birth.Thinking that the baby had died, the mother of two placed the infant in the sack and left her in the lavatory.She then sought treatment at a nearby clinic but was referred to the hospital where she coughed up the truth that she had abandoned the baby in the shop.State Human Resources, Health and Consumer Affairs Committee deputy chairman Datuk Abu Pit, who visited the baby yesterday, said she was healthy despite not having been fed for 10 hours.

this was in the news a few days ago. i'm usually skeptical when it comes to reading or watching news in the paper, tv, or worse..the internet.. but i can assure you that the above really happened.
the baby's amazing.. except for some minor abrasions on her little knees, she's doing quite well currently. a great fighter-survivor. other babies would throw a fit -literally- if not fed for just 2-3 hours after delivery, she survived for 10!
in the news, they made the mother sound slightly more humane that i think she is though. she initially refused to tell everyone where exactly she left the baby, adamantly saying that the baby's already dead anyway.

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