Wednesday, July 19, 2006

pee please..

did u know?
if you're working for the msian govt, you have to get a "confirmation" from the govt, and only then would you be able to claim the so-called benefits that come with being a govt employee. like choosing your pay scheme,EPF vs pension, or applying for a housing loan, or continuing your education into a masters program, etc.
in order to get this confirmation, you have to go through the induction course or kursus induksi, which i know for doctors, you're only elegible to attend after working more than a year in any of the govt hospitals in msia. then you have to pass the actual course (which means attending a 2-3 week course at a supposedly remote resort somewhere away from your workplace), then pass the written exams they have for you at the end of that course. then you wait for the results, which take many months later.. and if you pass, you'll get a letter of confirmation (which, if you're lucky,also takes many2 months later to appear, by then you've probably forgotten all about it anyway....unless you're really desperate for that housing loan, or masters program-which you're only eligible to apply after 4 yrs of working anyway!i digress......and if you're not so lucky, then the letter will never even appear!)
now, say you're one of the lucky ones who have been waiting forever for the precious confirmation letter so that you can go ahead and make that housing loan your parents really want you to make.. dont get excited yet. no, it's not over yet. oh no. and this is a true story, happened to my friend just recently:
you get your precious confirmation letter, you go to the admin office to see whomever it is in charge, only to be told this : sorry doc, it seems that earlier before you even started working (which was 3 years ago) and we asked for a medical checkup.. your check-up, xray and urine tests were done at a PRIVATE medical center, which is not acceptable, even if it was done by a doctor registered to the govt (cuz you cant practice in msia if you're not registered right). so, until you go get another medical check up in a GOVT hospital and get your xray done, and you pee for us again, and make sure the pee goes to a legit govt hospital lab, i'm afraid this confirmation letter ain't gonna mean much shit!
of course that wasnt exactly how the conversation went, my friend said the lady was really quite polite, but you see what i'm getting at? my friend has to go get the whole thing done again. and she is a registered doctor herself, working IN a govt hospital for more than 3 years now. obviously it's not difficult to get any of her doctor friends to sign her medical check up form for her. they dont even have to lie about anything, she's damn healthy.. unless you count being overwork and underpaid a disease, but let's not get into that now shall we?.. but she'd still have to get that damn xray done, and send off that damn urine again. i mean, it's not even a urine test for drugs or anything like that u know.. just a microscopic look at the cells in the urine. so what if my friend has a urinary tract infection, she's not "fit" to work for the govt? cant ask for that housing loan? tsk..tsk..
and even if she gets them all done again anyway, who knows how many moons later would she be able to proceed to next step to getting that damn loan.

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Borderline said...

Bureaucracy at its finest! I hope your friend gets the loan. I like your writing style, and I hope you keep posting!