Monday, September 11, 2006

any significance?

weird dream last nite.
in the dream, i have 3 pets. a snake, a tortoise, and a frog. i live in an old kampung house, with an attap roof and dirt floors. then one day there was a flood (or some kind of natural disaster, can't remember exactly), so i had to leave the house, and in the emergency, i accidentally "packed" all 3 pets together. the tortoise immediately ate the frog, and as i realized what i'd done, i tried to get the tortoise before the snake got to him. the snake, which was a bright yellow python btw, put up a fight, and snatched the tortoise off my hand, pecked away at it's belly and gorily gobbled him up. the snake then ran away, and for some reason i got worried that it was gonna eat up a baby or a small kid, so the rest of my dream was spent chasing after this snake. when i finally caught it, i smashed it with a rock repeatedly till i was sure it was dead. then i cried.
i woke up at 3 am, frowned, then slept again. not sure if i had another dream after that.

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