Sunday, September 03, 2006

the wedding

went down south to a cousin's wedding. she's 19, married now to a 25yr old. they're in love.
and it was a fun reunion, aunts, uncles, cousins, kids, babies.
'course, it was just a few days ago that the nation 'celebrated' the ultimate wedding of the year. u must be living under..well, not living, if u live in msia, and not heard about this singer's wedding. people talk about it many weeks before the actual date, and of course, will still talk about it weeks after. so what do i have to say about it?
well i honestly dont give a damn about who this pretty girl marries (i didnt even watch the thing actually).what would have shocked me is if she actually announced to everyone that she's NOT the marrying kind..haha.
they call her the pop princess, and her wedding was supposedly a girl's dream wedding of royal proportions. but people definitely have different opinions about her 47 yr-old price charming though.. i already said i dont give a damn, but i wanna just share here what my cousin's lil'
4-yr old had to say..
she saw the wedding on tv, and when the groom kissed the bride on the cheek, she innocently pointed out to her parents: "look, her dad's kissing her!".
then when the couple were cutting the cake together, the kid asked: "why is she cutting the cake with her dad? where's her husband?"
and when it was pointed to her that the man she thought was the singer's dad is actually the husband, she refused to believe her parents!
kids are the cutest things arent they? honestly!

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