Friday, September 08, 2006

motivate me

i was at a cpr course today, as an instructor. met a fellow instructor who tried to get me into one of those multi-level marketing thingys. a business opportunity basically. this isnt the first time people tried to get me into these things. she said i dont even have to spend much time on it, i can still go to work as usual, and make some extra money on the side. but i still have to get other people interested, and have them buy things, and when they buy them i'd have to go get them things and deliver them to the buyers. i'm not interested because i know the kind of person i am. i just love my free time too much. if i dont actually have to work..well, i wouldnt. i would love the extra money of course, and if i put my mind to it, i'll probably be able to do it, but who am i kidding? it wont last. i cant even commit to a once-a-week swimming class- i went to the 1st two classes, then missed the next 6..before feeling guilty and finally attended the class again yesterday ;). and i have so many projects that i've been planning to do... most of them still not even started yet.
yup, that's my problem. i just cant commit. i admire this woman tho.. she's around my age i think, got 2 kids, works as a doctor at a govt clinic, and has been involved in this business for a year now. money aside, she said she's doing it to help people. that's her motivation..being able to help people earn more money.
hmph.. i guess i was at the cpr course today cuz i um, wanna help people too? err..well.... that and the fact that there was this really cute guy there.. he was one of the participants. got so psyched when i got to be his examiner during the practical today (hee). great motivation.

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