Saturday, November 04, 2006

back when i was 15...

read my ol journal back when i was in boarding school, and came across this puisi thingy that i actually made up around the time i was stressed out preparing for SRP.

kau datang sebok2
ngacau2 aku
aku belum ready
nak hadapi
dirimu itu.
salah aku ke?
aku rasa iye..
padan muka,

kalau lingkup?
issh..harap idak le..

boleh tak kalau..
kau ditangguhkan?
boleh tak kalau..
aku dikecualikan?
boleh ke aku..
menaruh harapan?
boleh...setakat P8!

aku tulis puisi ini
waktu maghrib begini,
konon2 lepas tension.
aku rasa aku ni bangang
azan dah lama berkumandang
aku masih setaraf dengan..
kerbau berkubang!
patutnye aku pegi mandi
lepas sembahyang
boleh study.

boleh tahan jugak..hehe. but if i have to create anything like that again..dont think i can do it anymo. i remember writing up stories when i was in school. essays/stories that the english teacher made me read up in class or tampal on the class board. i remember in form 2 or 3, ms eliza made a few us in class record ourselves reading our so-called creative stories on tape. i wonder if she kept the tapes.

oh..and then there was this sorta mini novel that i wrote too(took up a whole exercise book). i called it "base III". nuthin to do with the bases dating couples move onto on each date mind ya (naughtynaughty.) but was some sorta refugee/army base camp that held most of my friends captured by enemies...and um..

oklah, ceritanye camni (hehe)..there was this world war that caught evryone in the world off-guard (yes, i had to take sejarah for SRP). whole msia kena bomb, including la our school ..many students were captured as tebusan, but me and my friends escaped cuz being the delinquents that we were, during the school raid/bombing, we were skipping class, and were in our hideout, which was so well hidden lah kononnye, even the so-called world enemies whose army troops were invading the country couldnt find. and so the whole story was about our journey to save our family n friends, to help them escape from this "base III", which was somewhere at the pahang-kelantan border.our school was in melaka, so jauhla perjalanannye kan.. so on the way tu macam2 happened, adventure la, and even romance pun ada selit2 jugak..real-life couples and crushes semua i included..alah..girl A who had a crush on boy B in real life. I wrote that she fell down a big hole, and B tried to save her, only to fall down the hole as well, so they were stuck there awhile, just the 2 of them, till help arrived. and they got to talking. and got to to know each other. and fell for each other..that sorta thing la. innocent jek ;)

as for the wardens/teachers we didnt like and goody 2-shoe-students who liked to snitch on us, they became the enemy-under-the-blanket...kira pembelot the story. they worked for the enemy, so in the end during the 'great big escape' from the base, we get to kill them all..muahaha.

i remember reading the story outloud to my close friends in our dorm, and we daydreamed about having it made into a movie one day (and for some reason we wanted aziz m othman to direct ;))

but u know the sad thing? sometime after high school, when my parents left to work overseas, and we had to rentout our house in kl, and so had to move our stuff back to our kampungs (both melaka n perak), and evrything went evrywhere.... my novel just went missing. i havent seen it since.

anyway, going back to this journal i had when i was a teen.. the cover was full with stickers saying "keep away!" "dont peep!" "TOP SECRET" etc. on the 1st page, i wrote a warning, for people not to proceed to the other pages, "to read is strictly forbidden, not now, not ever. SERIOUSLY!"

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