Tuesday, November 14, 2006

books read this year (or still reading..)

since i gave up on exams this year, i had plenty of time to catch up with reading stuff other than medical textbooks. just felt like listing them down (sbb takde idea nak blog apa malam ni).
they are in random order..
  • a short history of nearly everything-bill bryson
  • memory of running-ron mclarty
  • stardust - neil gaiman
  • shanghai baby-wei hui
  • undomestic goddess-sophie kinsella
  • anansi boys - neil gaiman
  • american gods-neil gaiman
  • the tipping point -malcolm gladwell (not done yet-it's non fiction ;))
  • daughters of arabia - jean sasson
  • stories of the prophets
  • marvel 1602 -neil gaiman
  • strangers in paradise book 1 -terry moore
  • neverwhere - neil gaiman

hmm... i think there are 2-3 more titles that should be up there as well, but i cant seem to remember. but hey, not too bad at all. compared to last year..only managed to read 4 (dan brown's famous 4). 'course, comics and graphic novels take less time (even tho they cost a lot more - sigh.. why do books here cost SO much anyway? well.. they told me why.. but.. i still think they can be cheaper dammit!!)

btw, kinda obvious that it's this year that i fell in love with neil gaiman's books aint it? i mean, i read the sandman series before, back when i was still a university student, not the whole lot cuz i was borrowing them from the library (which is another thing that needs serious help/attention here in msia) and couldnt get the whole collection..and i guess i was distracted with a whole lotta other things then too, like borrowing movies too..sigh..sometimes i miss canada.. and bagels.. and..so...um... what was i trying to get at again? o yea..so this year i've been spending a lot more time at the bookstores again so i guess i sorta rediscovered him (gaiman) and his great imagination.. and so i'm a fan once again.

oklah.. actually i was planning to comment a bit on each of the book, like/dont like/cool/boring/suck..that sorta thing (heck, i'm not a book critic pun) but anyway tak jadi cuz it's too lewat malam alrdy, so gonna go to bed instead (alrdy on the bed actually-o but u know what i mean..)

nite world..

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sensei said...

Why don't you add my book to your list -> "Cemerlang & Menang Cara Bolasepak" (PTS Millenia).. Atleast you can give a direct comment to the author.. hihi