Monday, November 20, 2006

an update

view from my mom's hospital room. kl traffic at 5 pm.

2 weeks ago my mom was admitted to the hospital for dengue. she rarely gets sick. the last time she was ever admitted was when she delivered my youngest brother, 26 yrs ago. my father-being the chronic chain smoker that he was, is the opposite. he had been in & out of hospital quite a few times in the past 10-15 yrs. from stuff as mild as gastritis, to major surgeries for necrotizing pancreatitis, and a quad bypass just 2 yrs ago. it was a scary moment for everyone then. esp because of his smoking, doctors warned us that he might not get off the ventilator easily post-op. thank God that he did ok, but that finally got him off the cigs. so far.

anyway, back to my mom, she’s better now. it was just mild dengue, not hemorrhagic but because she was too dehydrated and had a urine infection on top of that, she was kept in the hospital for a few days. i caught up with my reading masa jaga dia tu and also caught 'bawang putih bawang merah' - people been talking about this indon soap - finally dapat tengok, and seronok dok kutuk the show and teased my mom camne la dia boleh suka tengok..hehe.

syawal is still on. but after the 1st week, raya sorta mellowed down for me. I only managed to go to 1 open house this year and that was it. macam malas je. and always penat too for some reason.

then I attended this bereavement course over the weekend (blog coming later). managed to "squeeze time" (ie sneaked out of) to see some friends. even tho evryone was also busy with their own plans for the weekend, and evryone was saying that they each cant stay for long, but we did anyway. friday nite - jo, al and me actually stayed up till 4am even tho the plan was to be back home by 1-me cuz i had to be at the course by 8 the next day, jo was the maid of honor at a wedding the next day, and al had to make agar2 (hehe). same thing happened on sunday-me, i was supposed to teman my sis get groceries at 5pm, and g was suposed to go jogging - both plans were cancelled and we all stayed an hour later than planned ;)

did the usual lah:eat, drink, catch up on things, complain about work, whine about life, talk about the men in our lives-the very few we adore, and the many more whom we just love to hate. indeed, we’re picky-but we have to be, in this day and age, with the kinda weirdos out there, failed relationships don’t just give you a broken heart or at least a hate mail anymore.. you can actually get killed/chopped/bombed to pieces for all you know!
speaking of which.. I thought our conversations are now a bit mature too (er—about time? hehe) .. we even chatted about politics, and religion, etc. and i didnt even get bored! but then how can i? there is never a dull moment with these people.

drove back to melaka early this morning - left kl at 530am. cuz there was this huge thunderstorm around 7pm just as i was planning to leave, and there was no way i was gonna waste it on driving - i mean, it's the best time for naps, so i did, and i "napped" for about an hour or so. then amirah was being all noisy, and cute and playful and stuff that i felt like rugi pulak to nap when i can actually play with her. so i did. and so tak jadi balik malam tu.

then tadi kerja as usual-busy morning, then petang i was like a zombie already.

habis. i'm hitting the sack now.

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