Friday, November 03, 2006

the answer to each question is "yes"

1) "doktor pun pakai selipar ke?"

2) "doktor pun bawak botol air ke?"

3) "doktor pun bawak (kereta) kelisa je?"

4) "doktor pun nak cuti/raya ek?"

5) "doktor pun boleh sakit?"

adoi.. so far no one's dungu enuff to ask "doktor boleh mati tak?" .. cuz if ada org ask me that, then i'll just turn green and cry bloody tears i think.

but then ada jugak people ask us "if we agree to this drug/procedure/surgery that u're telling us, u can jamin esok baik ka?".
haloo.. i cant even jamin that i myself will idup esok hari to tell u of your progress.'s one thing la if these people who ask us these things have no belief in god/religion/fate whatsoever.. but when i get questions like these from a pakcik yg pakai ketayap or other fellow muslims jugak tu yg tak tahan tu.. godalmighty..sabar jelah.

tetiba teringat lak...
the poor doctor who was in the news not that long ago. she was accompanying a patient to another hospital when the ambulance they were riding in met with an accident. she was in a coma in the ICU for 15 days before finally passing on.
when i accompany patients in the ambulance, it just never crossed my mind before that i could die doing it.. i mean, of course bila dah ajal tu, anytime anywhere pun can die la kan, but u know, many of us worry about accompanying patients, especially emergency cases, in the ambulance. but not because of the thought that we could die doing it lah.. for me personally, i was more nervous than anything else.. did we bring evrything? will i get motion sickness (god, please dont make me vomit) will the patient be ok? what to do if the patient turn from bad to worse, and i have to resuscitate in an old turbulent ambulance trying to 'fly' at 140km/h?

after her death, berkobar2 the ministry wanna upgrade the ambulance service in this country.
anyway, alfatihah to her and takziah to her family.

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