Wednesday, October 08, 2008

is this my anak? lemme see...

this is also an overdue entry of mine, but it happens from time to time.

there i was doing rounds in the ward, i see a kid, i thought the kid might look a bit dry, with what looks like sunken eyes, so i ask the mom just to be sure..
me: puan, is this your anak here?
the mom: yes, this is my son..
me: are his eyes usually like this?
the mom: huh? what dya mean?
me: well to me they look a bit sunken, but what do you think? are his eyes normally like this?
the mom: hmm.. (looking at her kid).. i'm not sure-lah doctor..
me: okay, do you think your kid look different to you? or macam biasa je ?
the mom: um..entahla doctor, i'm not sure..
me: okay (losing some patience).. siapa jaga anak you ye? do you see your kid everyday?
the mom: not really la doc, i work see, so morning when i leave for work, he's not yet awake, evening when i comeback, he's either asleep or playing in his room..
me: (being kepoh-chi) oh.. dont you feed/play with him in the evenings?
the mom: no.. i have a maid..
me: (still being kepoh-chi) weekends?
the mom: oh yea-lah sometimes weekends, but he prefers to be with the maid, cuz he's used to having her around him everyday kan.. and myself, i only have the weekends to rest cuz i'm usually very busy with work the rest of the week.
me: o-kay (losing some more patience) .. maybe i should talk to your maid then huh?
the mom: oh yeah.. (obviously not getting it).. do you want me to get her then doc?

well obviously the majority of parents are the total opposites of the one i'm describing above. most are able to notice even a tiny red dot"..that was never there before" appearing somewhere on their kid's body and will demand to know what and why is the dot there.

i remember the years when my mom was working overseas, and we only see our parents like once a year or sometimes less frequent than that..and this one year that i went to visit them, i just had my ears pierced-for a 3rd time- and i thought my dad will never notice, cuz he never said anything the year before when i had them pierced the 2nd time, and cuz i thought he never notices these things anyway.. .. then that first night i arrived and we were having dinner, suddenly he said "so, last year 2, this year 3.. you plan to add one every year are you?" referring to the piercings. i was surprised that he actually noticed, but even more surprised that i actually loved the fact that he did!

on with the hospital scenario-cont'd (1-2 days later)..
me: okay.. your kid can be discharged today..
the mom: oh alright.. can i have an MC then doctor?
me: for your kid?
the mom: no-lah doc.. he's in kindergarten only, they dont care. for me-lah.
me: (straightfaced) but then you're not sick..

long story shortened, the mom wasnt sick of course.. so i explained to her that as a matter of fact we dont giveout MCs, not even to our paediatrics patients. they and the caregivers (in this case it was actually the maid that was taking care of the kid in the hospital half the time anyway!) get a memo/letter that states that the kid has been in the hospital.

moral of the story?
i need to stop being a kepoh-chi..

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